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* Copyright 2011 Yutaka Kachi
* Licensed by New BSD License
* Boid:生き物の群れのように動き回るボール

プログラミング知識ほぼ不要!?ドラッグ&ドロップで直感的にアプリが作れる「Thunkable」 | Techable(テッカブル)



Source: プログラミング知識ほぼ不要!?ドラッグ&ドロップで直感的にアプリが作れる「Thunkable」 | Techable(テッカブル)

WP REST API をWebサービス、スマートフォンのプロトタイプ開発に

WordBench東京 3月勉強会 「WP REST API をハンズオンで学ぼう」参加。

LT会でPhotoBlog を紹介。

MIT App Inventor から、WP REST APIを通して、WordPressにPublishingする。


WordPressのWP REST API をWebサービスの基盤として利用し、様々なセンサー情報に対応するWebサービスのシステム構築に、スマートフォンのプロトタイプ開発に利用可能とアピール。

Enhanced photoblog

Project Title. Enhanced Photo Blog publisher

Elevator Pitch. “Easy Photo Blog publisher” is easy way to make a photo blog to own WordPress site, this cloud app enhanced with addtional post viewer, custom Auth UI with base64 encode implement.

The Easy Photo Blog publisher is a mobile app that make easy to publish a post with photo to self hosted WordPress site.  Enhanced Photo Blog publisher was enhanced with following funtions:

  1. A post viewer for you browse recent posts.
  2. A custom Auth UI let you manage a WordPress REST API service lists.

The app’s social benefit comes from its ability to make a quick post, and improve later, give a motivation to help user more publish. Also this a good example to use WordPress REST API.

2015-12-11 13.51.55

Download and Test. Because this is a app using WordPress REST API, the only way to fully test its functionality would require using the WordPress REST API powered Blog site. You can feel free to use my test site. To download the app, scan the QR code to the left with the MIT AI2 Companion app or some other Scanner or click on this download link.


a screen shot show a post on WordPress REST API powered Blog site.

2015-12-11 13.54.22
Technical Description. As shown in this screenshot, the app exceeds the project’s minimum technical requirements. It contains 2 global variables, 4 list data, 2 procedures or functions, and 2 if/else structure.



WP REST API web service

The WP REST API is a WordPress plugin that intends to be eventually integrated into WordPress’ core as another (big) step towards transforming WordPress from a blogging platform/CMS into a fully fledged application framework.

To start a service, you have own a own WordPress site, and use 2 plugins:

  1. WP REST API plugin, install and active (schedule uptake to core WP 4.4 and WP 4.5)
  2. BASIC Auth plugin, git clone https://github.com/WP-API/Basic-Auth basicAuth,  and active.


tinywebdb-base64 web service

WP REST API provide OAuth 1.0a and Basic Auth algorithm. Currently it is no way to use OAuth 1.0a on App Inventor, so I use Basic Auth on this app. Because , I create a tinywebdb-base64 program, which use App Inventor Tinywebdb feature to get value = base64_encode(tag) . You need install tinywebdb-base64 program on your server and set URL to program. You can feel free to use my tinywebdb-base64 web service.